Researches at the Electronics Department

Nano-Electronics(Prof. C.A.N Fernando)

Polymer Electronics (Prof. K.P. Vidanapathirana & Dr. (Mrs.) G.A.K.S. Perera)


Configurable Computing (Dr. W.A.Susantha Wijesinghe)

Configurable Computing research group focusses on developing new hardware architectures using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) for applications in Digital Signal Processing(DSP), Digital Image Processing, Cryptography, computer simulations, and scientific computations. Configurable computing systems are capable of providing high computational performance than conventional microprocessor bases systems.

Optoelectronic Device Study/Nano-Optoelectronics Device Development, Signal Coding & Microcontroller/ Microprocessor Based Automations: (Dr. Y.A Ajith Kumarayapa)

Group 1- Characteristic study of widly applicable optoelectronic devices and find technology for local, low-cost frabrications with Nano-optoelectronics properties; development of optoelectronic devices and sensors.

Group 2 - Microprocessor/Microcontroller based automations for Industrial applications, Machine based perceptions and Multimedia Signal Coding.


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